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Reduced workload and better support for wellbeing is the key, claim Education Support Partnership

Back in February, Education Support Partnership published research which said that over a third of teachers and school leaders do not expect to be education in 5 years time. That’s a third gone, and with it their knowledge, skills and experience. But why?

You wont be surprised to hear that workload is a major reason. But 44% of those surveyed also said better workplace support for their personal well-being might persuade them to stay put.

Everyday in schools across Bedford I see the impact of crazy, senseless policies. The human cost. And I listen to leaders talking about achievement and motivation without the slightest understanding of the impact of their actions.

It’s time to stop, pause for a moment and think about what you are trying to do ……………. It’s time to change and become a little more human before it’s too late.


Reduced workload and better support for wellbeing is the key claim Education Support Partnership

If you are suffering from the pursuit of impossible goals contact NASUWT for support in the workplace, and contact Education Support Partnership for support with your wellbeing.

Education Support Partnership:  call UK-wide: 08000 562 561    Txt: 07909 341229


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