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As we move into 2017 the STRB are already considering your pay award for 2017/18

In its remit letter to the STRB, the Government is once again seeking to impose a 1% cap on pay awards for teachers, despite strong evidence of the damaging impact this has already had on teacher recruitment and retention.

The STRB has called for evidence from the NASUWT and the Union has submitted comprehensive evidence, making a strong case on behalf of the teaching profession and making clear that:

  • teachers strongly supported the STRB’s conclusion in its 26th Report that ‘an uplift significantly higher than 1% will be required… to ensure the teachers’ pay framework remains competitive’;
  • teachers are increasingly angry about the slashing of their pay levels since 2010;
  • teachers’ salary levels have fallen in real terms since 2010 by 16%;
  • cuts to teachers’ pay has contributed to creating the conditions for the worst crisis in teacher recruitment and retention since 1945;
  • teachers expect a substantial across the board pay award.

The evidence submitted by the NASUWT also included ground-breaking, independent research commissioned from the University of Warwick which demonstrates the extent of the impact on teachers’ pay as a result of changes introduced by the Government in 2013 which gave schools increased freedom and flexibility in setting teachers’ pay levels. The research points to a particularly detrimental impact on women teachers, young teachers, disabled teachers and black and minority ethnic teachers.

Drawing on remarks made by the Prime Minister, the NASUWT submission makes the case that six years of public sector pay austerity has not only brought hardship to a significant number of teachers, but that an even larger number of teachers are only just about managing to get by financially. The NASUWT submission argues that a country that works for everyone must also be a country that pays teachers fairly and which recognises and rewards teachers and school leaders for their contribution in delivering world-class educational standards.

Chris Keates, NASUWT General Secretary, said: “Despite everything which teachers have had to endure from the Government over the course of the last six years, educational standards have risen because of teachers’ dedication and hard work.

“The NASUWT has presented evidence that a substantial pay award for teachers is affordable at national level. The Government cannot afford not to give teachers a substantial pay award.”

The STRB will be considering the evidence submitted and will make recommendations to the Department for Education in Spring 2017. The Review Body’s recommendations will inform decisions about teachers’ pay with effect from 1 September 2017.


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