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Workload warning on new teacher retention

Retention of new teachers in the profession is being threatened by excessive workload and a failure by some schools to provide them with their statutory entitlements.

Over a quarter of newly qualified teachers say they only intend to stay in teaching for a maximum of five years, the NASUWT’s latest seminar for newly qualified teachers heard.

Chris Keates, NASUWT General Secretary, speaking at the seminar in Birmingham, said: “No wonder that we have reached a recruitment and retention crisis. High-quality education for all children and young people cannot be sustained by teachers who are exhausted and unsupported.”

A real-time electronic poll of newly qualified teachers attending the seminar found that:

  • nearly half (49%) said a better work/life balance would most encourage them to stay in teaching long-term. Over a third (37%) said secure employment with fair access to pay progression would most encourage them to remain;
  • excessive workload was the biggest problem being experienced during the induction year, followed by a lack of support to deal with poor pupil behaviour;
  • nearly six in ten (59%) say they do not have a reasonable work/life balance;
  • nearly a third (30%) were not in receipt of the full 10% reduction in teaching time they are entitled to during their induction year;
  • a quarter say they can rarely or never access appropriate continuing professional development (CPD);
  • one in ten said they were rarely or never provided with adequate support and guidance from their induction mentor; 9% had not even been provided with a named mentor.

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