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‘The culture of deep marking is dead’ | News – so why are you doing it?

Although Sean Harford of Ofsted said last week that there is no evidence that extensive, or deep marking, has any impact on pupil learning, this week teachers across Bedford and the rest of the country, teachers will be embroiled in deep marking. All because the senior leaders in their school have decided that’s how they will climb up the Ofsted greasy pole.

What should be happening is that NASUWT members should be pushing all the news and Sean Harford’s message to Ofsted under the noses of their senior leaders.

And don’t forget The Teacher Workload Review Group On Marking report. You’ll find a copy on this site. Check the links on the right of the page.


Now let’s kill off graded lesson observations and performance-related pay, argues one teacher-writer

Source: ‘The culture of deep marking is dead’ | News


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