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Workload – the three reports you should read, and then take control

Workload is the issue…………87% of teachers have said so.

The links below should take you to three reports, published by the Independent Workload Review Group, at the NASUWT 2016 Annual Conference.

They are worth a read. Print them off and circulate them around your colleagues. Make use of them when discussing workload with your leadership team.

The report on Data Management says, “Government, school leaders, and teachers, rather than starting with what is possible in collecting data, should challenge themselves on what data will be useful and for what purpose, and then collect the minimum amount of data required to help them evaluate how they are doing.”

The two other reports express similar sentiments.

Make sure your Leadership Team have a copy. You could deliver it by hand, or just leave a few copies around school.

You are bound to get a reaction.

Eliminating unnecessary workload associated with data management.

Eliminating unnecessary workload around planning and teaching resources

Eliminating unnecessary workload around marking



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