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An interesting historical document from a Cheshire man

Osborne letterHere’s an interesting letter from a Mr George Osborne of Cheshire.

In the letter he makes some good points.

He is very worried about tuition fees. The fees have gone up to £1000. But there is worse to come.

Some ghastly politicians plan to introduce top-up fees. This will increase tuition fees to £3000.

George describes this £3000 fee as a “Tax on learning”. When George went to university it was free.

But now even grants have been abolished. Some students might even leave college with debits of £18000, heaven forbid.

Thankfully George has an answer to these problems. He and his friends have announced that the next time they are in Government they will scrap tuition fees.

Once again education will be free. It’s thanks to people speaking out that George is able to listen and change things.

Well done George. If only all politicians were like you. It’s good to know you’ll do the right thing next time you’re in Government.


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