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#NickyMorgan finds reverse gear as her flagship policy is overwhelmed by national opposition.

So you come up with an extreme, divisive policy. You talk tough. Everyone will be forced to do what they are told. You then spend  weeks dismissing criticism, rubbishing opponents and declaring the policy will be implemented. Then you cave in, scrap the policy and claim you have listened to the criticism, which means you have been forced to back-down.

Let’s not gloat for too long. The academy process, the privatisation of education, is still with us.

Although we welcome the announcement that the forced academisation plans are now being scrapped, the Government will be back with even more crackpot ideas.

Chris KeatesChris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, welcomed the changed and said, “This is another humiliating failure for the Chancellor of the Exchequer”, reminding us that all this started when the Chancellor, ever the political opportunist, planted the forced academies in his Budget.

Ms Keates continued, “Teachers, school leaders and schools have been subjected to an unnecessary period of anxiety and panic as a result of his ill-conceived and politically motivated statement, which did not even command the support of the Tory rank and file, particularly in local councils, and caused rebellion in his own ranks.”

She called it disgraceful that “teachers and school leaders, already under enormous pressure and stress, were ever subjected to this.”

nasuwt_logoGiven that the Government still see misguided structural change as a means of raising standards, the General Secretary of the NASUWT reminded us that schools will still be forced to become academies if they fall within “particular Ofsted categories”. Ms Keates added, “This aspect of the academisation policy has not changed and the NASUWT will continue to challenge it.”

Just one thing left to say, “Well done everyone”.



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