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The Government deny it but there is a crisis in teacher recruitment.

The latest National Audit Office Report on teacher recruitment confirms  the findings of research carried out by the NASUWT. Although the Government continues to deny it, there is a crisis in teacher recruitment.

This week BBC Look East reported 500 teacher vacancies in Milton Keynes, a pattern repeated around the country.

Chris Keates, General Secretary of NASUWT, commented, “Even when it is spending £700m annually on recruiting and training new teachers, the Government cannot meet its recruitment targets. Not even that level of expenditure can compensate for Government policies which have made the profession so uncompetitive and unattractive, that they have generated a teacher supply crisis”.

Cuts to teachers’ pay year-on-year since 2011, increased pension contributions and excessive workload blight the working lives of teachers. Health suffers and well-being is something of an abstract concept, talked about but never experienced. It  is not surprising that applications to join the teaching profession are down, and resignations are up.

Chris KeatesChris Keates added, “It is not only teachers who are suffering as a result of these policies, children and young people are being denied their entitlement to qualified teachers. Yet the Government remains in arrogant denial about the crisis it has created. Teachers, parents and pupils deserve better.”


Everyone associated with education recognises the crisis, so it is hard to understand how the government can continue with policies which are causing such long-term damage to the teaching profession, and the children that the profession is here to serve.

“It’s about time ministers faced up to the chaos and crisis they have created, admit they got it wrong and start to value, support and invest in the teaching workforce”, Ms Keates concluded. And so say all of us.


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