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Private messages at work can be read by EU employers – BBC News

A timely reminder, from a news item on the BBC Website (see below), of the need to be careful when using technology. Don’t mix personal and professional. Be careful with social media.

“Judges in the European Court of Human Rights say an employer that read a worker’s private messages and then sacked him was in the right. The judges, sitting in the ECHR in Strasbourg, handed down their decision on Tuesday. It binds all countries that have ratified the European Convention on Human Rights, which includes Britain.”

“His employer had discovered that he was using Yahoo Messenger for personal contacts, as well as professional ones.”

“The device used to send the messages was owned by the employer, and the judges did not elaborate on whether it would have made any difference if he had used a personal device.”

“all employers should clearly explain any rules that would allow them to check on their workers’ online activities.”

“All employees should be notified personally of the said policy and consent to it explicitly,” he wrote.


Source: Private messages at work can be read by EU employers – BBC News

Does your organisation have an internet use policy?

Have you seen it?

Do you understand the implications?


Supply Teachers’ Safeguarding Course This course is aimed at Supply Teachers ONLY. The NASUWT is concerned that supply teachers are vulnerable as they do not get the same support as staff in schools. This training will incorporate developing areas such as the dangers of Facebook and how to keep yourself safe from false allegations.


Social networking – Guidelines for members  Social networking sites can be a useful communication and campaigning tool. Members however, should be aware of the hazards and pitfalls of social networking sites.


Keeping safe – A checklist for school staff


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