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SEN support services questioned

Many schools are struggling to get timely support and access to appointments and services with educational physiologists and mental health professionals for pupils.

Teachers are also facing difficulties in accessing appropriate support and training to enable them to meet the needs of students, the NASUWT has told the House of Commons Education Select Committee.

The Committee is examining the level and quality of support for the mental health and wellbeing of looked-after children across health, social services and within schools.

The NASUWT has called for greater support to ensure an inclusive and strategic approach to identifying and meeting the needs of different groups of pupils.

The NASUWT told the Committee that:

■ schools are experiencing difficulties securing meetings with workers from health services and in some cases are being asked to pay for meetings;

■ cuts to budgets and services within local authorities mean that expertise has been lost and councils are struggling to cope with the reforms to the special education system;

■ Government reforms have driven up bureaucracy and are time-consuming and complex;

■ some special educational needs coordinators report difficulties and delays in obtaining services, support and appointments from educational psychologists;

■ class teachers are not receiving appropriate training and support to enable them to meet the needs of looked-after pupils with special needs;

■ current guidance fails to address the barriers to effective multi-agency working between education, health and social care services; and

■ there is evidence that local authorities are reducing the number of children and young people identified as having special needs, particularly among post-16 learners.


As reported in Teaching Today December 2015



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