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Culture shift needed on teacher retention and flexible working

The NASUWT has warned that unless significant improvements are made to teachers’ working conditions, many more teachers will be driven out of the profession, adding to the teacher supply crisis

In its evidence to the Department for Education’s (DfE’s) Teachers Working Longer Review, the Union has called for the deep concerns of teachers to be taken seriously by the Government.

The Teachers Working Longer Review Group, which is considering the implications of the increase in the pension age on teachers, was formed as a result of the pressure exerted on Government by the NASUWT trade dispute and ongoing industrial action.

The NASUWT has called for a ‘culture shift’ in schools to ensure that older teachers are valued for their experience and expertise and for strategies to tackle the increasing age discrimination against older teachers, including threats of capability procedures and job loss.

The Union has also called for a major change in schools’ negative attitudes to flexible working, which see too many teachers, particularly older women, driven out of the profession.

NASUWT General Secretary Chris Keates said: “Teachers’ health and wellbeing are suffering because of the intense and unacceptable pressures being placed upon them.

“Workload must be reduced, unacceptable management practices must be reined in and employers must be open to more flexible approaches to working in order to have any hope of retaining experienced and specialist teachers in the profession.”






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