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Trade Union Bill

As the Trade Union Bill makes its way through Parliament, one or two minor concessions have been made by Government.

Plans have been dropped to make unions give two months’ notice of any use of social media in a dispute and minor amendments have been made to the provisions on the letter of authority for the person supervising a picket.

These were ridiculous, unnecessary provisions which should never have been included in the first place. However, the Government will use their removal to claim that this is evidence that it is listening to and addressing concerns. This is however all smoke and mirrors.

These changes make little difference to a Bill whose cumulative impact is to attack the rights of working people to withdraw their labour to defend their jobs.

As part of its campaign on the Bill, the NASUWT took part in a TUC-organised lobby of parliament in November and encouraged members across the UK to use the NASUWT’s briefing materials to lobby MPs in their constituencies during that month.

The Bill is now being considered by the House of Lords. The NASUWT has worked with other unions on a joint briefing document for the Lords and participated in a parliamentary meeting with members of the House of Lords.


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