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School Funding Review – will the needs of schools be met?

The Government is set to outline plans to reform the school funding formula.

Following the Chancellor’s announcement in the November 2015 Spending Review, plans are being laid to review the way in which schools are funded.

The Government has argued that the current distribution of funding is unfair and fails to take into account the needs of children.

Given the Government’s track record of real-term cuts to school budgets and money being prioritised to support its vanity projects, the NASUWT is concerned that any revised funding formula is unlikely to meet the needs of all schools.

Ministers’ calls for ‘encouraging efficiency’ are very worrying as often they are a euphemism for further cuts.

The NASUWT will be pressing for robust, transitional arrangements to be in place for schools to minimise turbulence and uncertainty during the transition to any new funding structure.

The Union will continue to press for an increase in the quantum of the funding available to schools.

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