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Welfare Reform and Work Bill – targets vulnerable children and families.

Legislation to enable the next phase of the Government’s welfare cuts and reforms is being considered by the House of Lords.

The Welfare Reform and Work Bill will:

■ scrap targets relating to child poverty and instead introduce new measurements focusing on levels of worklessness, educational attainment, apprenticeships, troubled families and social mobility;

■ lower the benefit cap further;

■ extend the freeze on working-age benefitsfrom two years to four years, ending in April 2020;

■ limit child tax credits to the first two children in a family.

The Bill represents yet a further attack on the poorest and most vulnerable children and families in society.

Rather than embarking on a strategy to tackle the poverty and inequality that the Government’s economic and social policies are driving, Ministers are seeking to change the definition of child poverty to attempt to cover up the adverse impact its policies are having on children and young people.

The proposals on welfare will drive even more in-work families into poverty


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