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Teachers’ Pay 2016-2017

The NASUWT has submitted written evidence to the School Teachers’ Review Body in relation to the matters referred to it by The Secretary of State in her letter of 7th October 2015.

The NASUWT have called for a substantial, above inflation, pay award for teachers in September 2016. This is a response to year-on-year cuts to pay which has seriously eroded teachers’ living standards. In addition the crisis in teacher recruitment and retention demands significant action on pay.

Teacher pay has fallen by 13.8%, whilst other public sector workers have seen pay fall by 7.5%. Increased pension contributions and the planned increase in National Insurance contributions in April 2016 have affected take-home pay.

Teacher starting salaries are now 20% less than other graduate professions. Pay is a critical issue in recruitment and retention and needs to be addressed.


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