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Beware the Big Staff Meeting on 6th Jan 2016

On January 6th supporters of the proposed Government backed College of Teaching are urging schools to take part in a Big Staff Meeting to discuss future development of the organisation.

The NASUWT does not believe this is an appropriate issue for a staff meeting. Members are advised  to state The NASUWT position in any staff meeting where the issue is raised.

If there is any discussion The NASUWT Briefing can be used to raise issues with colleagues. The NASUWT is concerned about the aim, role, cost, structure and independence of the proposed model for the College of Teaching.

The NASUWT are not opposed to a professional body to represent the teaching profession but there are serious concerns about the current proposal.

Recent research by The NASUWT found that teachers themselves have serious doubts about the proposals:

  • less than a tenth of teachers see the creation of a College of Teaching as a priority for the profession;
  • one in ten teachers feel that a College of Teaching will lead to an improved status of the teaching profession;
  • two-thirds of teachers said that the College of Teaching membership fees would not be a priority in their household budget.

Add that to concerns about pay, terms and conditions, and the frequent attacks on the profession and trade unions in general, and it’s clear that teacher’s are not in favour of the proposals in their current form.

The NASUWT is committed to securing more effective ways of enhancing the professional status of teachers, which are not costly and accessible to all.

NASUWT Briefing




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