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Too many apprenticeships are of low quality

A recent Ofsted Report, which claims that too many apprenticeships are of low quality and do little to support the skills development of young people, demonstrates the failure by employers and Government to invest adequately in and support the creation of a world-class vocational education system.

Ofsted has stated that it believes there is a risk of creating a two-tier structure of high and low quality apprenticeships because there is such variability in their value and structure.

The NASUWT has responded to the Report by making the point that fixing the problem of quality pathways for young people post-16 cannot be left to schools.

Employers must step up to the plate and invest in high-quality apprenticeships for young people, which add genuine value to their learning.

The Government must take a more robust and concerted role in developing the structures to ensure that all apprenticeships are of a high standard and that employers and young people can clearly see the benefits of apprenticeships.

The Report highlights the importance of high-quality, impartial careers guidance in helping more young people to consider apprenticeships.

However, the Government has reduced investment in careers information, advice and guidance, a move which the NASUWT warned would damage young people’s ability to make informed decisions about their career choices.

The Report also argues that:

■ the number of young people entering apprenticeships has remained static for a decade, with only 5% of 16 year olds entering into an apprenticeship;

■ schools are not doing enough to promote apprenticeships to pupils and should develop careers advice on apprenticeships for pupils and parents;

■ employers have been too slow in developing standards, designing apprenticeship programmes and taking on apprenticeships.


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