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North Beds #NASUWT has declared a formal dispute with #Bedford Borough Council

North Beds NASUWT has declared a formal Dispute with Bedford Borough Council over their Model Salary Policy.

The NASUWT view, taken from the STPCD, is that teachers should get a 1% rise across all scales and allowances and those at the maxima of the Main Scale should get a 2% rise (subject to a satisfactory Performance Management appraisal at the end of last academic year).

Bedford Borough has said in their Policy that the 2% rise at the maxima of Main Scale should be awarded only for ‘exceptional performance’. Nowhere in the STPCD is the term ‘exceptional’ used.

Even if the 2% is awarded, the Borough’s Policy makes it clear that the award is for one year, to be reviewed at the end of the next PM Cycle.

There are ongoing discussions on this matter which now involve the Local Secretary and our National Executive member. If these come to nought then the matter will be taken further within NASUWT.

Members in schools where the 2% increase has not been applied to the top of the Main Scale should raise this with the head teacher in their school via their elected NASUWT school rep.

Members paid at the top of the main scale on 31st August 2015 are now being paid 1% below the top of the scale, an effective pay cut of 1%, if the award is not applied. This should be challenged.


  • for a clear definition of “exceptional performance;
  • where “exceptional performance” is mentioned in STPCD;
  • why is the school refusing to make a nationally recommended and agreed pay award?
  • did the school receive the letter of July 2015 from Chris Keates, General Secretary NASUWT, 

Use the  Template Letter to Headteachers asking for a response on the 2% award to the Main Scale

If your school refuse to apply the 2% increase to the top of the Main Scale, then email The NASUWT Local Secretary on . Provide details as follows: School, members affected, school/head teacher response.

Make sure your school are aware of the North Beds NASUWT dispute with Bedford Borough.



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