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Petition · David Cameron MP: Prevent proposed Teaching Assistant pay cuts ·

Teachers recognise the value of Teaching Assistants but it seems those who earn vastly inflated salaries think it’s OK to cut their pay. If you don’t want the Teaching Assistants you work with to suffer a pay cut, sign the petition below.

“Teaching Assistants (TAs) across the UK are currently the target of “cost-cutting” measures that propose to eradicate holiday pay . This is 9 weeks worth of pay.  TAs stand to lose between £1,500 and £3,000 .

Historically, school staff have been paid a salary. Cost-cutting measures being implemented by the government are aiming to take away Teaching Assistant’s “holiday pay” as they do not work during these (government enforced) breaks.

The reality is that many TAs do still work through the holidays; stripping classrooms, labelling books, moving furniture, general tidy up, and making resources for the next academic year. A TA’s typical contracted hours are 8:30am to 4pm with 1 hour unpaid for lunch. However, the vast majority of them arrive at work early to prepare for the day ahead, run breakfast clubs, sort the classroom and resources, organise the books, and often be on duty at the gate to greet children and parents.

During the “breaks” through the day, TAs are expected to do yard duties, dinner hall duties, tend to first aid incidents, do fruit & milk distributions, sit with unruly children for detentions, and generally cover any other needs the school requires, resulting in very little time to actually eat lunch. After school, they run after-school clubs (often on their own), design and put up displays, mark children’s work, tidy up the classroom, attend meetings and staff training, prepare resources for the following day and attend other extra-curricular activities.

All of these things regularly keep TAs at work long past their contracted working hours. “But TAs aren’t teachers,” I hear people cry! Yet, you will regularly find Teaching Assistants teaching groups or a full class on their own.

When teachers teach their classes, they very often have a TA to support. However when a TA is covering for a teacher, there is no one else to give them support. TAs are expected to teach without support, yet already get a much lower wage, and are not even classed as “teaching staff”.

Everyone lives to their means, and they make their bills fit their pay. With a sudden substantial pay cut, many TAs will find themselves in debt with mortgages/rent that they cannot pay .

Furthermore, many TA’s will then need to rely on benefits such as Working Tax Credits, causing a further strain on the economy. Please help us to reverse this plan to cut Teaching Assistant’s pay by signing this petition.

Source: Petition · David Cameron MP: Prevent proposed Teaching Assistant pay cuts ·


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