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Use of unqualified teachers in schools increases

The use of unqualified staff in place of qualified teachers in schools is increasing, according to a survey by the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK.

More than six in ten (61%) of the over 4,600 teachers who responded to the survey said they were working alongside unqualified staff. This number rose to 70% in academies.

Most respondents (66%) said they felt the situation was deteriorating because schools were unwilling or unable to pay for qualified teachers.

65% of respondents said that unqualified staff had been employed because their school had decided to take advantage of the Coalition Government’s decision to abolish the requirement for schools to employ qualified teachers.

The latest survey found evidence of unqualified staff performing duties such as:

  • regularly teaching lessons (92%). This figure was the same for teachers in academies;
  • planning and preparing lessons (84%). This figure rose to 85% in academies;
  • assessing and monitoring pupils’ progress (78%). This figure rose to 82% for teachers in academies.

The survey is being released as teachers at the NASUWT’s Annual Conference in Cardiff will call for the entitlement for all children to be taught by a fully qualified teacher to be restored.

Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said:

“The Coalition Government robbed children of a fundamental entitlement when they removed the requirement for schools to employ qualified teachers.

“Parents no longer have the certainty, when they send their child to school, that they will be taught by qualified teachers.

“These figures show that the scale of the problem is now widespread.

“This is jeopardising the educational progress of children. It is abuse of unqualified staff who are being exploited by schools and it is denying teachers jobs.

“These are crude cost-cutting measures and have nothing to do with enhancing teaching and learning.”


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