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Teachers subjected to professionally demeaning practices

There are growing concerns among teachers about the misuse of CCTV cameras and video performance systems in schools to spy on and monitor teachers, a survey by the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, has found.

Nearly half (49%) of teachers who have CCTV cameras in their schools say that they have been used to form negative judgements about teachers’ performance. This is a rise of 8% on the same survey in 2014.

Only 1% of respondents feel that CCTV supports teaching and learning and that it aids professional development.

While over half (56%) of teachers who have e-performance systems in their classrooms, which are digital and video-based recording systems used to view teachers’ performance, could choose whether to use these systems or not, nearly a quarter (24%) of teachers said that they had no choice over the use of these systems in their school.

Nearly one in five teachers (18%) cannot switch these systems off themselves.

Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said:

“Whilst like all technology there can be important benefits from CCTV and e-performance systems, unfortunately they are open to misuse and abuse and it’s clear that this is what is happening in too many schools.

“Which other professionals go to work knowing that day-in and day-out their every move doing their job is being filmed, not for their safety and protection, but to catch them out?

“As well as being professionally demeaning, the additional stress this places on teachers is unacceptable.

“Teachers are already subject to excessive monitoring and surveillance masquerading as classroom observation, carried out by an army of senior leaders and external ‘experts’ visiting their classrooms.

“Every school should be required to have a protocol agreed with staff for the use of CCTV and e-performance systems which includes teachers having to give their permission to be filmed, having ownership of the video footage and being able to turn the camera off when they wish to do so.”


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