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Eugenie, a colleague and friend.

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North Beds NASUWT. Left, Dee. Right, David, Eugenie

On 28th December 2014 my friend and colleague, Eugenie, suffered a stroke. She was rushed to Milton Keynes Hospital where the staff fought to limit the damage caused by the stroke. She was on life support, but sadly on 30th December 2014 Eugenie lost the fight and passed away.

Eugenie was a dedicated teacher. She was a good teacher. She knew her subject inside out. She was committed to our school and believed that individually, through our relationship with pupils, we could make a small contribution to improving their life chances. But she knew that collectively our impact was greater than our personal contribution. She was a good person.

A few years ago Eugenie took on the role of Health & Safety Rep. Showing her usual enthusiasm and commitment she threw herself into the task.  She went on NASUWT courses. If there was something she didn’t know about she did her research. We weren’t an unsafe school. Eugenie was just thorough and committed. That was her way.


In 2011 we went on the “March for The Alternative”, organised by the TUC. One afternoon, before the march, we were talking about what we could do to make sure our presence would “make the difference”. Eugenie made the ultimate contribution, “I know someone who has a tank”, she said. A bloody tank! That was it. We were off.

Cuts Buck

As close as we got to Buckingham Palace. Left to right, Martine, Eugenie, David, Dee

Who was going to drive? Right, we need a route, so up came Google Maps. How long will it take to get to London?  M1 or A1m? We might get arrested. We’re in a tank for God’s sake, who the hell is going to arrest us in a tank. We’ll have the hatches locked down, and we’ll have a bloody massive gun. What stopped us was when someone realised we’d have to pay the congestion charge!

The practicalities of life. We were not paying to drive a tank through Whitehall. So we didn’t go to London in a tank, but we had a bloody good laugh talking about it. Instead we decided to mount a raid on Buckingham Palace. And after the march we ate delicious food and smoked shisha in a Lebanese Restaurant on the Edgeware Road. We never did get to ride in the tank.

Eugenie, you’ll be missed. I’ll miss your dedication and commitment, I’ll miss your explanation of things I don’t understand, but you were a rocket scientist, really.

Eugenie we’ll all miss you.


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