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CCTV in schools – NASUWT Survey of members

Following increasing reports from teachers about the misuse of CCTV systems and cameras in schools to observe teachers in the classroom, the NASUWT has undertaken a survey of teachers on the use of CCTV as a monitoring tool in schools. The survey of teachers in England found that:

  •  nearly one in ten teachers said CCTV was in use in their schools and classrooms. Of those, over half (55%) said headteachers had viewed the footage, and 41% said it is being used as evidence to form negative comments about staff;
  •  32% felt that CCTV in schools is an invasion of their professional privacy, and over a quarter (29%) said they felt it does not make any positive contribution to teaching and learning;
  •  nearly all (89%) of teachers said they cannot switch off CCTV if they wish and 88% said it was constantly filming and recording.

What members said:
“CCTV is open to misuse by senior management. In my last school it was routinely used to see what time teachers were in class and what they were doing.”

“CCTV has been used against staff to imply they are handling a situation incorrectly, even though the CCTV has no sound. It is also used to scare and to punish staff.”

“The lack of transparency is purposely designed to create a culture of fear and a staff attitude of ‘well, we could be being watched.”


If members have concerns about the use of CCTV, or other surveillance systems, in their school, they should contact the NASUWT immediately.

Contact details can be found at


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