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28th Feb 2014 – Work Your Proper Hours Day 2014

28 February is designated this year’s Work Your Proper Hours Day.

This is the date that every worker who did unpaid overtime in 2014 would start to get paid if they worked all their overtime from the start of the year.

Now in its tenth year, the campaign aims to highlight the dangers posed by the UK’s long hours culture on the health and safety of the workforce.

Last year, the TUC, which is behind Work Your Proper Hours Day, found that one in five employees across the UK regularly worked unpaid overtime, worth over £28bn to the economy. Teachers were among those professionals who are most likely to do unpaid overtime – with over half all teachers regularly working an average of 11 hours extra unpaid each week.

This year, the TUC will look at whether the recent recovery in the labour market has led to a rise or a fall in the number of unpaid hours as more people join the workforce. The TUC will also highlight which jobs and regions of the UK do the most unpaid overtime.

To mark the 28th, the TUC will urge bosses to let their staff take a proper lunch hour and to leave work on time. Managers are encouraged to lead by example and work their proper hours too.


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