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NASUWT Action Vindicated

The Secretary of State has today published the School Teachers’ Review Body 23rd Report and has accepted in full its recommendations.Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union said:”The Review Body Report is a vindication of the ongoing industrial action strategy of the NASUWT and for the support and solidarity members are showing.
Over the last two years teachers have demonstrated day in day out, through action short of strike action, the high value they place on the contractual provisions which enable them to focus on teaching and learning.

“The 23rd Report was a defining moment for the Review Body’s independence and integrity.

“It is clear that it has accepted the detailed evidence of the NASUWT that no case had been made to remove the important statutory contractual provisions for classroom teachers.

“Teachers will welcome the retention of the statutory national framework of conditions of service, including the important provisions on working time, holidays, PPA and cover.

“The acceptance by the Review Body of the NASUWT evidence that the provision on SEN allowances and TLRs should remain a feature of the pay system confirms the importance of having a coherent structure of rewards and allowances for classroom teachers taking on additional responsibilities for teaching and learning.

“At a time of major change within the education service, when schools are reviewing their staffing structures, the acceptance of the NASUWT’s detailed representations on the retention of safeguarding will provide an important reassurance for teachers.

“The clearer and more disciplined system recommended by the Review Body for leadership pay is a move in the right direction but still leaves unfinished the long overdue work on leadership roles and responsibilities.”

NASUWT members in Bedford fully support the NASUWT National Executive  strategy, and leadership, which protects teacher’s contractual provisions. We note the Secretary of State’s written statement to Parliament.
School Teachers’ Review Body 23rd Report 13th Feb 2014
Written ministerial statement by the Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove on the School Teachers’ Review Body’s 23rd report.

One comment on “NASUWT Action Vindicated

  1. Bedford Burrows
    February 13, 2014

    Reblogged this on Bedford Burrow and commented:
    Glad I supported The NASUWT Leaders in The Action Short of Strike Action. Glad I supported the strikes. Glad that Gove labelled me “An emnemy of promise”. Glad to continue supporting my union and its leaders.

    The next STRB report will be published this time next year, 2015, in the run-up to the General Election.

    What will Gove’s response be then?
    More ideology submitted as “evidence”?
    Or less provocative to avoid trouble from the “enemies of promise”?

    Whatever his response, I’ll follow those who have the interests of pupils, schools and teachers at heart. The Union Leaders. Not the ideological, extremist, opportunists our unrepresentative politicians have become.


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