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NUT and NASUWT trade disputes

In response to the letter from the Secretary of State on the 14 November, in which Michael Gove attempts to portray the NUT and NASUWT as being unwilling to enter into talks, the NUT and the NASUWT have responded criticising the Education Secretary for his game-playing.

Such tactics do a grave disservice to children and young people and the education service. Teachers will be shocked at the cavalier attitude that he is taking to what are serious issues for the profession.  

Both unions have reasserted their commitment to taking part in meaningful talks to genuinely resolve our trade disputes. We urge the Secretary of State to do the same.

Should Michael Gove fail genuinely to engage to resolve the issues under dispute, the NUT and NASUWT will have no other choice but to move to national strike in England and Wales no later than 13 February 2014.

We sincerely hope it will not come to this. Our commitment to genuine dialogue remains.  We therefore once again urge the Secretary of State to take advantage of the window of opportunity we have provided to him by postponing further strike action this term. The ball is now firmly in his court. 



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