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1st October. What can you do?

October 1st is an important day for all teachers in the Eastern Region. You will be striking in support of your dispute with the Secretary of State, Michael Gove.

Mr Gove will undoubtedly respond with a carefully orchestrated media campaign to discredit your justified action. Mr Gove will be supported by his media allies.

As well as attending strike rallies, all of us in Bedford need to make full use of social media. Take every opportunity to publicise your personal action, and show how you are taking part in your union’s collective response to the Secretary of State and his policies.

Post your pictures and your comments on Facebook. Link with NASUWT Eastern Facebook Page . If your school closes, post on the NASUWT Eastern page, they have a post on the go already, listing schools that will close on 1st October.

Use twitter. Post to us @NorthBedsNasuwt, and to @TeacherRoar, and @NASUWT_Organise. Flood the feeds. Retweet others who are supporting us.

If you are not on a rally, write or email your MP. Keep it factual and polite. Find Your MP.

Write or email Mr Gove. Be polite and factual. Let him know you support The NASUWT action, and you will continue to support your union.   Contact

Let the local press know why you are on strike. Let them know why you are angry. Let them know what you think of Mr Gove’s policies.

October 1st is a big day. Support the strike. Attend a rally.

If you can’t make the rally tweet, email and get on Facebook, you can still play your part. There will be a massive media campaign against us. You can help to make sure your voice, The NASUWT voice, is heard.

You can use any information from this site. The NASUWT site is also a good source of information.

You can contribute to this day in so many ways.


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