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10 Good Reasons Why Teachers Are Taking Industrial Action On 1st October


Since December 2011, teachers have been Standing up for Standards by taking pupil, parent and public-friendly action to defend their pay and conditions of service which enable them to focus on teaching and learning, but the Secretary of State for Education has refused to enter into meaningful discussions, so teachers are now taking part in a rolling programme of strike action to persuade the Coalition Government to engage in genuine dialogue.

1. Teachers’ pay and conditions are part of the entitlement of all children and young people to high standards of education

Teachers’ pay and conditions are linked to the entitlement of children and young people to be taught by highly skilled professionals, who have working conditions which help them to ensure high educational standards. The current system of pay and conditions has meant that our education system is seen as the sixth best in the world.

2. Teachers’ jobs are being lost due to the cuts

As a result of the Coalition Government’s cuts, thousands of teachers have lost their jobs. This has a direct impact on pupils who are no longer receiving the support they deserve.

3. Teachers’ jobs are being lost because of the employment of unqualified staff

As a result of Coalition Government changes, schools are now free to employ unqualified people, instead of qualified teachers, to teach pupils.

4. Teachers’ jobs are being lost because of changes to the curriculum

Changes to the curriculum have led to thousands of art, music, drama, RE and ICT teachers losing their jobs, reducing the opportunities for pupils to study these subjects.

5. Bureaucracy is increasing workload, which is getting in the way of teaching and learning

Unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy means that teachers have less time to spend on the teaching and learning of pupils.

6. Good teachers are being driven out of teaching

Half of teachers are seriously considering quitting the teaching profession due to changes to pay, pensions, working conditions and jobs.

7. Teachers are Standing up for Standards

Teachers are passionate about doing the best for all their pupils and about delivering high standards for all. Teachers believe that the changes to their working conditions will mean that they are not able to focus sufficiently upon the needs of their pupils.

8. Specialist teaching jobs are being cut

Access to specialist support for pupils with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities is being cut, making it harder for teachers to meet pupils’ educational needs.

9.  Class sizes are increasing

Coalition Government cuts have meant that, as teachers have lost their jobs, class sizes are once again increasing within schools, denying pupils the individual support and attention they need.

10. Strike action by teachers is action of the last resort – the Coalition Government needs to listen

Since 1 December 2011, NASUWT members have been engaged in action short of strike action. The NASUWT has been seeking meetings to resolve the dispute but the Secretary of State is refusing to engage in genuine dialogue. Teachers have no choice but to take strike action as a last resort.


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One comment on “10 Good Reasons Why Teachers Are Taking Industrial Action On 1st October

  1. Giles Keen
    September 30, 2013

    I will be striking tomorrow for my first time ever. This government makes me sick!!! We teachers are the most professional, hard working and dedicated body of staff I have known since joining the profession 19 years ago!!! Despite our incredible hard work and dedication to young people, we are still targeted by our government, harassed and pressured to constantly do more and more but for no more incentive. I have four children, considerable debts but believe that we must make a stand tomorrow before the very fabric of the profession is completely ripped away. They now want to take our ppa time! Why, why, why? Do they think we are sitting in the staffroom drinking tea and eating biscuits? I never get time to go there unless to collect post in my pigeon hole every couple of weeks. Perhaps they have been watching that drama called ‘teachers’ I believe that was it’s name and that’s how they measure us now!!! They want outstanding schools but don’t want to pay for them!!! Our hard earned holidays are now under threat of being reduced, our main incentive and respite will be taken away. Teaching is the most intensive and stressful profession I know of, with one of the highest burn out rates I in the working environment and yet they still think that out day is too easy!!! I would love to see Michele Gove come into a school and teach for aday let alone a week and see if he’s still standing by the end! Why are senior teachers/management not included in the proposed changes to pay and conditions??? Because they want to be divisive, divide and conquer, to break us down as a profession and make us weak. All teachers should be marching tomorrow, my wife and four children will be making that stand tomorrow with me, so join us and stand up for your rights before they completely take them away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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