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Why NASUWT members in Bedford will support the call for Regional Strike Action on 1st Oct

The NASUWT has instructed its members in the Eastern Region to take strike action on Tuesday 1st October, in support of its dispute with the Secretary of State for Education, Mr Gove.  
If you are in any doubt about the consequences of not taking industrial action on 1st Oct, please bear in mind that Mr Gove has unilaterally made changes to the 2013 School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document since it came into effect in April. His aim is to encourage governors to devise new pay policies.
Further changes have taken place to Section 4 of STPCD. The contents of this section are no longer statutory. This means that you are no longer entitled to PPA as a right. You have also lost your right “not to cover” for absent colleagues. The NASUWT are mounting legal challenges to these changes, but this must be supported by industrial action. If the industrial action ends without reversing these changes then your rights are gone.
Mr Gove will see teacher’s failure to act collectively  as acceptance of his changes.

If you do not agree to the removal of your right to PPA ,and your right not to cover, I urge you to support the strike on 1st Oct.
If you concerned about erosion of your pay, support the strike.
If you are concerned about your pension, support the strike.
If you are concerned about the future direction of education, support the strike.
Gove has further plans to change your holidays and working hours. His aim is to reverse all the changes and gains made under the Pay Review Body and the Social Partnership.

2015 will see deregulation of school term dates. Some academy staff are already required to work outside of the school term dates. Most of the things you value about your job are now under threat. In fact the changes and reforms enacted and proposed by Mr Gove are posing a serious threat to education in this country.
NASUWT members will not picket schools in Bedford. The assumption is that members will support the action.
This is not a local action, it is a National Action. Our dispute is with the Secretary of State. The only way to show Mr Gove we do not accept his proposals and changes, is to support the strike on 1st Oct 2013. 

For a grim look at the future of education in England I suggest reading “Teachers On Strike: A Struggle For The Future”,  it paints a bleak picture. 

The only response to Mr Gove is a collective response on 1st Oct.


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