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Academy Strike Victories

Academy Strikers Gain Victory. 

Nick Grant, NUT, is reporting good news from Alec Reed Academy.

“Management at Alec Reed Academy has agreed our terms for suspending planned 3-day strike next week to go ACAS talks on Monday or Tuesday with NASUWT“, reports Nick in the Anti Academies Alliance Newsletter.

Management  agreed to suspend their attacks on NUT and NASUWT member’s terms and conditions. Nick reports that management have agreed that no observations will occur next week nor will any be scheduled for the foreseeable future that are in excess of those referred to in the
NUT/NASUWT document,  Actions short of strike action, instructions, Phase 1.

Nick goes on to report that, “No subject reviews are occurring next week, nor are scheduled for the foreseeable future. No Mock-OFSTEDs, learning walks or drop-ins are occurring next week and none are scheduled for the foreseeable future.”
With good local and Regional media coverage, parents onside, members firm and all levels of the union working as a team – NASUWT and NUT
acting in tandem gets a result.

Strikes work people! Strong unions together making a difference.

See for full report.


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