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Wellbeing at work: workplace audits.

NASUWT members can self-assess their wellbeing at work using the Union’s online Wellbeing at Work facility. Now could be a good time to assess the Wellbeing of members in your school.

As a result of further development, the Union is now able to offer National Executive Members (NEMs), Local Secretaries and Accredited Caseworkers the opportunity to request a report which summarises the wellbeing responses of members within specific workplaces. The pdf report will:

(i) identify areas of common concern;
(ii) provide an anonymous evidence base of members views to present to school leaders.

To take advantage of this facility, please follow the procedure below:

1. ensure that the membership list for the school or college is up to date. NEMs, Local Secretaries and Accredited Caseworkers who have completed the appropriate data protection undertakings can, upon login, review membership lists using the Union’s e-membership facility. It is essential that the list is accurate otherwise the audit report will be incomplete.

2. encourage members at the school or college to complete the wellbeing survey. This diagnostic facility can be found within the Information and Advice section of the Union’s website. It is recommended that you identify a specific two week window within which members are asked to respond.

3. ensure that members know their NASUWT membership number. Members will need to provide their NASUWT membership number when completing their self-assessment. If this is not provided, or is inaccurately provided, the views of the member will not be reflected in the summary report provided.

4. If you wish to include non-members of the NASUWT in the survey, it will be necessary for them all to quote a common reference number instead of an individual NASUWT membership number. The Union recommends that the common reference number used is the NASUWT Workplace reference code.

5. Email providing the following information:
(i) the name and address of the school or college where members are being asked to self-assess their wellbeing;
(ii) whether non-NASUWT members are participating in the survey and if so, the unique reference code that will be used by non-members;
(iii) the period during which members have been asked to undertake their self-assessment;
(iv) the week during which the summary report should be sent.

Please note that summary wellbeing reports (see example report (PDF 25 KB)) will be generated as pdf documents on the first working day of each week. Every effort will be made to ensure that the reports are emailed out to you by 4.30pm the following day.

The addition of this workplace audit facility adds a powerful organising tool for Executive Members, Local Secretaries and Accredited Caseworkers seeking to address issues within specific workplaces.


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