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NASUWT statement on call for a general strike

 The NASUWT has and is continuing to play a key role in challenging the Coalition Government’s ideologically driven assault on teachers’ pensions, pay, working conditions and jobs.

Since 1 December 2011, members of the NASUWT have been engaged in continuous action short of strike action. On 10 September, NASUWT announced the escalation of industrial action from 26 September in conjunction with the NUT.

The NASUWT and all TUC affiliates have agreed to support co-ordinated industrial action, building on the coordinated industrial action taken by trade unions on 30th November. The NASUWT is also supporting the TUC ‘A Future That Works’ demonstration on 20 October.

On 11 September, the TUC Congress debated a motion calling for consideration of the practicalities of a general strike. The NASUWT spoke against the motion and voted to oppose the motion. However, the motion was supported by a majority vote of Congress.

It is expected that after Congress the TUC will discuss with affiliates the implications of this resolution.

"Trades Union Congress"

“Trades Union Congress” (Photo credit: Toban Black)


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