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NASUWT comments on A-levels

Commenting on the A-level results, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“Teachers have once again delivered for the young people they teach.

“The young people have responded by working hard to secure these great results.

“All should be congratulated.

“Today’s results are the first examinations under the amended A-level specifications introduced in 2010. In the light of these changes, to ensure consistency and fairness with previous years marking, the exam regulator has made a number of technical adjustments. Claims that this process has been a ‘crack down’ or evidence that exams are easier than in the past are quite simply nonsense.

“The Coalition Government can take no credit for these results which is why it takes every opportunity to imply the system is ‘dumbed down’ or lacks rigour.

“These results have been achieved by teachers who, despite pay cuts, attacks on their working conditions, slashed funding, loss of specialist support and attacks on their professional status and competence, have worked hard to do the best they can for their pupils.

“However, with the Coalition’s relentless attacks on the education service and the workforce showing no signs of abating, and almost half of teachers considering leaving the profession altogether, the year-on-year improvements in examination results, a feature of the last decade, may be a thing of the past.”


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