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NASUWT comments on pupil exclusion figures

Commenting on the publication of statistics showing the number of permanent and fixed-period pupil exclusions from schools in England in 2010/11, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“Clearly, the continued fall in pupil exclusions is a positive trend, providing that it is as a result of schools receiving early intervention support and not because schools are feeling pressured to contain rather than exclude pupils.

“However, the figures show that persistent disruptive behaviour is the most common reason for pupil exclusion, demonstrating the continued need for action to tackle this issue.

“In the decade preceding these figures, an unprecedented range of sanctions to support teachers in tackling pupil indiscipline was introduced. These figures reflect this.

“However, this trend may not continue, as evidence shows that the majority of teachers do not believe that the sanctions introduced by the Coalition Government will support them in maintaining high standards of pupil behaviour.

“It is not more sanctions that teachers need but more support in reinforcing existing ones.

“Teachers want more parental support and backing from school leaders to enable them to maintain good order.

“A recent survey by the NASUWT on pupil behaviour found that over a third of teachers feel there is a lack of support from senior management in tackling pupil indiscipline and two-thirds say there is a lack of parental support for dealing with poor pupil behaviour.

“Parents must understand that their responsibility for their child’s behaviour does not end at the school gate.

“Too many pupils come to school not ready to learn. Sending children to school on time, with basic equipment and clear expectations of how they are expected to behave, is a critical part of the job of all parents.”


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