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Gove’s early election gamble

Commenting on reports that the Secretary of State is proposing to scrap the current GCSE examinations and abolish the national curriculum in all secondary schools, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union, said:

“This appears to be yet another example of the Secretary of State’s ambition to create a two tier education system.

“Thousands of young people will be taking their GCSEs today and at a time when they need a confidence boost they are being told by the Secretary of State that the examinations they are taking are worthless.

“The timing for the proposed changes, 2014, the eve of a General Election is interesting.  Could it be that the Secretary of State is not confident that his education reforms will raise standards and is, therefore, is seeking to cover his tracks by removing anything that can provide a year on year comparator?

“There is no evidence that the current system is broken, that examinations are getting easier or that our qualifications are trailing behind the best in the world.

Michael Gove‘s arrogance is breathtaking.  Not only is he upsetting thousands of young people, parents and teachers but he is also consigning Margaret Thatcher’s historic education reforms to the dustbin of history.”


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